What is the Applicant Diversity Survey?

The University of Toronto is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, and their fundamental relationship to excellence. We collect applicant diversity data to help inform, evaluate and diversify our employee recruitment and talent management strategies. These efforts add to our ongoing work to build an equitable and inclusive community where all members flourish, and to advance employment equity across our three campuses.

The Applicant Diversity Survey includes questions pertaining to the four designated groups as specified in Canada’s Employment Equity Act (i.e. women, aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities). It also queries additional information that helps to advance equity, diversity and inclusion work at U of T, such as ethnocultural identities, gender identity, visible and invisible disabilities, and sexual orientation.

You may choose to decline to answer any of the questions in the survey. Any information directly related to you is confidential and cannot be accessed by search committees or human resources representatives administering the recruitment process. Response data will be aggregated for institutional planning purposes.

What do I need to provide when applying for a faculty position?

  • Before applying for a faculty position, you will need the following information for your application:
  • Your contact details, including email address and telephone number
  • The date of your highest degree and the name of the degree-granting institution
  • A cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) in one document as either a PDF or MS Word DOC
  • The names and contact information for at least three (3) references*
  • Other attachments as requested in the position advertisement**

Please note the following:

*Reference letters:

  • Faculty job ads at the U of T require that candidates ensure submission of letters of reference at the time of application. This is normally done through the Recruitment Tool which will automatically solicit reference letters. You must complete and submit your application before your references will be contacted.
  • Please note that applicants remain responsible for ensuring that their references submit letters of reference by the application deadline. If you have individual concerns relating to the automatic solicitation and collection of your reference letters, please contact the hiring department directly.
  • Note: In the rare instance where a faculty job ad does not request reference letters at the application stage, you should identify your references, but they will not be contacted unless and until the search chair informs you that they intend to request reference letters. This will be made clear in the job ad.


  • There is a maximum file size 10 MB per attachment
  • Only send materials requested in the posting
  • Several items can be combined into one attachment

Sending your application:

  • Only apply online
  • Do not send a copy of your application to the chair or department

Where do I look for research positions?

All research associate and senior research associate positions are posted on our Staff Opportunities job board.

If you have a research background in a particular field, or are interested in a specific project, you may wish to contact the appropriate department or lead investigator directly to inquire as to whether or not they are hiring and when the positions will be posted.

Will my profile remain confidential?


Your profile information will only be accessed by appropriate U of T HR professionals and hiring managers, and we have implemented procedures to ensure that your information remains secure and protected. A privacy statement, which explains how information will be collected and used, can be found before you register your profile.